State of the Modern World Address — November 2018

Oceans Are Warming Up
The Seafloor Is Dissolving
Deadly Diseases Caused by Climate Change

The Warming Earth is Waking Up Dormant—and Deadly—Diseases

Many Critically Endangered Plants Can’t Be Saved By Seed Banks
Massive loss of seagrass due to water pollution
Global Warming Probably Causing Worse Cyclones and Hurricanes
Coastal Cities Around the Globe Are Sinking
Bees Are Being Exterminated by Shortsighted Human Activity
Toxic Factory Emissions Afflict North Ossetia
Agroforestry is Productive in Tajikistan

Agroforestry saves soil and boosts livelihoods in Tajikistan

Tian Shan Glacier Mining Pollutes Water in Kyrgyzstan
North America
US Border Wall Will Harm Fragile Ecosystems, Environmental Groups Sue Government
Bison Reintroduced to Wild in US
Global Warming Causes Unprecedented Wildfires
US Crab Fishermen Sue Fossil Fuel Companies for Changing Climate
Canadian Senate Passes Bill to Ban Dolphin and Whale Captivity
Masses of Seaweed Afflict Caribbean Ecosystems
Latin America
Deforestation of Amazon Intensifies Under New President

Bolsonaro’s deforestation of the Amazon has already begun

Indigenous Amazonians Use Modern Technology to Fend Off Colonial Invaders (Donate Here)
Latin America Increasingly Bans Plastic
Guatemala to Use Bio-Fences to Reduce Plastic Pollution

Guatemala to Use Bio-fences to Reduce Plastic Pollution

14 Latin American Countries Sign Treaty Providing Enhanced Environmental Rights
Ongoing Persecution and Murder of Environmental Activists in Latin America
Ongoing Rebellion Against Ecocide in UK and Elsewhere
France Aims to Ban Deforestation Imports by 2030
Middle East and North Africa
Drought is Killing Off Israel’s Trees

Drought Is Killing Off Israel’s Trees, Says Groundbreaking Nationwide Study – Haaretz

Egyptian Government Buys Straw from Farmers to Prevent Harmful “Straw Clouds”

Egyptian pollution plan signals the last straw cloud – Environment and Development

Alexandria is Sinking
Fish Vanishing from Senegal Coast
Republic of Congo Opens New National Park

Republic of Congo names new national park, home to gorillas, elephants

Mountain Gorillas Doing Well
Massive Gas Flaring in Nigeria Harms Environment
Tree Hopping in Kenya
Seychelles establishes $15M Blue Bond to support marine wildlife
China Resumes Suspended Coal Power Projects
Severe Smog in Northern China due to Economic Preoccupations
Mining Threatens Mongolian Environment
National Socialists Defend the Environment
Mongolia’s most unlikely new environmentalists also happen to be neo-Nazis
Southeast Asia
China’s Ban on Trash Imports Creates Crisis for Southeast Asia
Endangered Forests Being Robbed
Environmental Crisis in Kashmir
Pakistan goes wild for coal
Siddarth Singh Writes a Book About India’s Smog Which is the Worst in the World

Hawaiian Hawks No Longer Endangered