News: State Terrorism in China

Thought Police in China Abduct, Abuse, Brainwash Innocents
Forced Disappearances in China
Organ Harvesting in China
Orwell’s Surveillance State Comes to Life in China
China Plans to Base Individual Rights on Score Derived from Surveillance
The overall picture is, the Communists are watching you and if you are religious or free-minded you are more likely to be abducted, tortured, murdered, or have your organs stolen.
“For the past year, Chen’s war has meant mass detentions, splintered families, lives consumed by uncertainty.”
“Those of Uighur ethnicity are automatically docked 10 points. Being aged between 15 and 55, praying daily, or having a religious education, all result in 10 point deductions.
In the final columns, each Uighur resident’s score is tabulated and checked ‘trusted,’ ‘ordinary,’ or ‘not trusted.’ Activists say they anecdotally hear about Uighurs with low scores being sent to indoctrination.” [Independent UK]

“IMAGINE being abducted and whisked away to a cell where you spend the next several months or years with no charge or conviction. There, authorities torture you and force you to watch films designed to brainwash in a bid to align your views with those of China’s ruling Communist Party.”

“…You might make it out alive after years of enduring the brutal treatment. Or you might be secretly executed. There’s also a strong chance you might die on the operating table after surgeons sedate you and start removing organs from your body, one by one — while you’re still alive. The government will say that you simply disappeared or that you were never there to begin with. But it’ll most likely say nothing at all.” []
History: Torture, mass murder, rape and cannibalism in China